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Crystal Dynamics Commits to More Communication About Avengers

Player numbers continue to dwindle

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It’s been a rough month or so for Crystal Dynamics and their game, Marvel’s Avengers, as they promise more communication.

Against the backdrop of dwindling player numbers just a month after the game released, the developers took their official site to basically promise more content in the form of a new mission type, a new outpost, a new AIM cloning lab, and loot.

People have complained about a lack of communication from Crystal Dynamics. They team took to Reddit to commit to more and frequent communication,

“In terms of communication, we want to say that we are always here. Every day, all day. We see every single thread and have been bringing your feedback and suggestions to the team every week. Many of the fixes and changes in past patches are directly due to the feedback we see here and across social media. We can’t always respond with specifics due to timing or shifting plans, but please note we are never ignoring you.”

They continue,

“We intend to increase communication by hosting weekly Q&As and dev livestreams, which we hope to kick off after an upcoming “State of the Game” blog that will answer a bunch of questions for you!”

Are you still playing Marvel’s Avengers?


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