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Cryptic Studios Introduces "Engineering Reports"

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Aiming to keep Star Trek Online players in the loop, Cryptic Studios has introduced "Engineering Reports," which are posts that detail what the developers are currently working to address, add, or improve in the game.

The reports are broken down into three sections, which are described in further detail below:

In Testing These issues have been addressed, and are being reviewed internally. Once approved, these items will be added to one of the next Holodeck updates. Issues in this bucket are generally around 2 weeks away from going Live.

Under Investigation STO Team members are looking into these issues (many times player reported) to uncover bugs or oddities that will need to be addressed. Not everything in this section turns out to be a bug, and in some cases these issues may be specific to some players and require CS resolutions. ETAs for resolution in this section vary by issue.

In Development These are features or fixes that have been reviewed and discussed and are undergoing design time to be implemented in a future update. Issues in this section are more than 3 weeks away from going Live.

The first report is now available for viewing and feedback, you can read it here.

[Thanks Christopher8 for the tip!]


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