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Cryptic Co-Founder Jack Emmert Named CEO of Daybreak Austin

William Murphy Updated: Posted:
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Out of left field, it seems that Cryptic Studios' Co-Founder Jack Emmert has been named as CEO of Daybreak Austin, the studio responsible for DC Universe Online. 

From the newsbrief at Gamasutra:

Working out of the company’s Austin office, Emmert will manage the team responsible for the DC Universe Online MMOoverseeing all aspects of development and reporting to Daybreak's San Diego HQ.

What this means for the future of Daybreak's DCUO, and future games out of the Texas-based studio, remains to be seen. Thanks to BlueTurtle for the heads-up!

As recent as March of this year, Jack was still the CEO of Cryptic, doing interviews on Neverwinter and more. So the question is - had be been let go from Cryptic, did he voluntarily leave, or did Daybreak lure him away? We've reached out to Cryptic and Daybreak for comment and will let you know if we hear more.


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