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Cryofall Adds Dedicated PvE Servers

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Daedalic Entertainment has announced that it has updated its survival RPG Cryofall to include dedicated PvE servers, "one of the community's most-requested features". Players can work cooperatively to explore and survive in the harsh world "full of secrets, dangers and wealth". Players can engage in hunting, farming, cooking, crafting, mining, building and trading. 

Introduction of separate PvE servers makes it possible for us to finally improve the balance for PvP servers based on many requests from our players and make it more rewarding for defending and attacking players. Some major changes include increased bomb damage and unlocked chests (to prevent a complete base wipeout during a raid), but to counter balance it certain features are made much cheaper, such as land claim upgrades or repair of different structures.

We are also introducing a so-called raiding window, which should mitigate offline raiding and ensure that most engagements happen when players are actually online. We are going to set the initial raiding hours to 7-10PM (local time) (edited, see the UPD info below) and introduce any further changes based on direct player feedback. With this raiding window in place, you won’t have to worry about your base being raided while you are at work or sleeping. Community server owners are also free to configure the raiding hours as they wish or even disable the feature altogether. Please note that the raiding window applies only to bases protection (making them invincible during non-raiding hours) and doesn't restrict PvP damage so you could still fight other players with weapons.

Cryofall is currently in Steam Early Access and is on sale for 10% off.

Learn more on the Cryofall Steam page.


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