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Crusader Kings III Adds A Ruler Designer, Letting You Create Your Own Ruler Over Your Kingdoms

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Crusader Kings III now lets you create your own ruler thanks to the addition of its Ruler Designer in the latest free update to the strategy sim. The Update gives you free reign to create yourself, favorite game character, celebrity and more, adding even more personality into the Paradox game.

Showcased with the help of Youtber Roll1D2, the creator looks to be pretty in-depth, offering ways to create beautiful lords and ladies to down right hideous ones. 

You can design how your character will look, making use of the extensive sliders and options, as well as customize their personality, age and even the skills your ruler will weild. Choosing too many skills, though, will turn off achievements, so if you're someone who hunts those it's best to be careful how crazy you go.

The Ruler Designer is part of the current update which went live today, which also sees tweaks to AI behavior, as well as adding new child-murder outcomes, and more. 


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