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Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary Focuses Entirely on War

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest dev diary from Crusader Kings 3 focuses on war.

Specifically the blog discusses how war will be fought. Armies will be comprised of levies, which are themselves made up of a unit called a levy. Effectively, they’re meat shields for your better units, the men-at-arms.

“Men-at-Arms are the equivalent to the Retinues of CK2. They are trained troops that come in several different unit types which excel in their given role. There are base variations available for everyone to recruit, such as Light Cavalry and Heavy Infantry, but the really interesting ones are usually unique to certain cultures or specific regions of the map, though all have their own stats and uses.”

These stats include

  • Damage
  • Toughness – effectively health
  • Pursuit – increases the amount of damage you can inflict upon a routing enemy
  • Screen – how well you can protect fleeing soldiers from being killed

You’ll also be able to customize your men-at-arms and deploy them accordingly depending on the terrain and battle conditions. The post also talks about battles, and one specific aspect called Advantage,

“The single most important part of a battle is Advantage, which is essentially a modifier that increases the damage of all troops on either side. When a battle starts, all sources of Advantage is taken into consideration. It can come from traits, terrain, buildings, etc. but most importantly, the Martial skill of your Commander. All of these are added together for both sides of the battle. The difference is then added as the Advantage bonus for the side with the higher Advantage.

Example: Your army has a total Advantage of 40, and attacks an enemy army that has a lousy total of 10. This means that you will have an Advantage bonus of 30 during the battle, which then translates into a rather significant damage bonus for your troops.”

Check out the full post for more information if you’re interested.


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