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Crucible Patch Improves Heart of the Hives

Plus other improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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in case you missed it, previous Crucible patch continued to provide improvements to Heart of the Hives.

Back in June, the developers had announced the future for Crucible by taking it back to closed bta. Their intent was to focus on Heart of the Hives mode and make improvements based on player feedback. To that end, the map remains virtually identical, but gameplay has seen changes.

For example, the center harvester is now near the spaceport creating a “ring” of harvesters which circle the map. Death fog was removed outside the map. Some additional changes noted by the team include:

  • Swapped the Harvester designation letters around to match their new arrangement.
  • Amplifiers always spawn in the center of the map, where the C harvester used to be.
  • All Objectives/Amplifiers now spawn a single objective, rather than two.
  • Added a new cave area on the southwest edge of the map.
  • Hive spawns and creature camps all have significant visual treatment in the map to help teach you where they are.

The patch notes themselves are quite extensive and touch on quite a bit. You can check out the full notes here.


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