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Crowns of Power Fans Buy Out Game from Developers

By Suzie Ford on April 28, 2017 | News | 0

Crowns of Power, an MMO developed by Rampid Interactive, originally debuted in 2008, though shut down in 2011. Usually that is the end of a story. However, an intrepid fan inspired to honor his brother's memory and who missed his favorite MMO got in touch with members of the original team. Steven McClain has successfully purchased the development and publication rights to Crowns of Power.

McClain bought the rights to CoP in memory of his brother who passed away due to cancer and whose dream it was to see his favorite game returned to active status. Some of the proceeds from the game will be funneled into cancer research.

A KickStarter was briefly launched but immediately taken down to better flesh out the backer rewards packages. McClain has indicated it will be republished in the near future. At the current time, the initial alpha is underway with the team hard at work cleaning up and fixing broken code and replacing missing files.

This will be just a small handful of people to quickly help us work on finishing up a few things. Closed Beta to follow shortly after and we'll be looking to do a quick run through for testing purpose and ensure all major bugs are fixed. More information about Open Beta and actual Launch will be released soon so stay tuned. We’re hoping to get this out to as many of you as we can shortly and if you’re feeling impatient, trust me, we’re just as much so. We’ve got a large amount of new gear, spells, and quests on the way.

In the meantime, you can visit the Crowns of Power site to learn more about the game and the project.


Suzie Ford

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