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Crowfall's War Tribes to Provide Players with Complex Challenges Trying to Defeat Them

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The Crowfall site has been updated with a look at the War Tribes system that will bring complex challenges to players as they "try to wrest control of the world away from the gods and stave off their inevitable destruction". War Tribes can take the form of military encampments, tribal villages, abandoned villages. Usually these will be fortified by enemies that have banded together to scavenge resources and they can be found anywhere within the game world.

Some of the tribes players may encounter are:

  • The Aracoix (pictured above) - Refined and civilized yet scornful and cruel, these Avian mercenaries are noble in bearing. Their impressive speed, inherent mobility and hawkish nature make them an apex predator among the dead and dying. In addition to being natural killers, these bird-headed warriors also seem to possess a natural gift for stealth, assassination and druidcraft (the magic of Gaea).

  • The Urgu - Coarse and barbaric, these pig-like creatures seem intent on consuming everything they can find, picking over the bones of our fallen cities for food, tools and weapons. The Urgu sow destruction everywhere they wander, with a seemingly endless appetite for carnage. Primarily a warrior tribe, they seem to be naturally suited for melee combat and hunting.

  • The Satyr - Zealous and nomadic, the Children of Cybele hail from the Faewood, the dark and twisted forest that was presumed lost when the First World was broken at the moment of Gaea’s death. The savage and mysterious Satyr, angered over the loss of their homeland, now wander the Dying Worlds exacting vengeance on anyone they happen to encounter. For all their cruelty to those they consider outlanders, the Satyr are surprisingly civilized, with tribal members acting as Clerics, Knights, Rangers and even Confessors and Templars.

Players will find a number of great reasons to take on these enemy enclaves including crafting resources and other scavenged items as well as collectible sacrifice items. These later items provide lore opportunities regarding the "culture or world from which they hail" and can be combined to be sacrificed for experience. Each tribe has unique offerings.

Tribes will be expanded over time to include even more types.

Read the full post on the Crowfall site.


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