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Crowfall's Vekelsey Campaign Begins Today on Live Servers

Runs through November 22

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Crowfall community team has announced that the Vekelsey Campaign war is set to begin today on the live servers.

Specifically, the campaign will go live today, November 13, at 12p CST / 1p ET. The campaign will run through November 22 at 11p CST, so you’ll have some time to hop in and check it out. This being a campaign, there will invariably be winners and losers. Just what are those win conditions?

To claim victory, any faction or guild earning the most victory points by the conclusion of the campaign will be declared the winners. There will be rewards for participants of those top three guilds awarded to those who earned the most Divine Favor, Glory, Wealth, and Power. For a full list of rewards, be sure to check out the rewards tab of the campaign.

Keep in mind, Imports and Exports remain at 50/50. Additionally, you’ll have to be level 20 if you even want to enter the campaign. You can find more details on the event over on the forums here.


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