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Crowfall's Update 7.300 Will Add Smaller-Scale PvP Options, and a Fast Track New Player Experience

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Crowfall’s latest founder’s update is out and in it, Executive Producer Garden Walton shares a look at update 7.300, which has been in the works for the past two months. This will tweak PvP, add options to the New Player Experience, and adds improvements to maps and rewards.

Coming to Crowfall are smaller scale PVP options. When it comes to the large scale sieges, there are huge part of the game but you need to have large guilds and alliances to get through successfully. With various concerns about server populations, slowdowns, and differences caused by time zones, sometimes large scale groups can be a little harder to get together.  To help create more opportunities, ArtCraft is adding adventure zones with 50 and 25 person limits and Keep zones limited to 100 players. They’re also changing forts to be a home base for these smaller alliances and so building materials will now be generated in the mines.

All that competition means rewards, and there are new rewards systems for these new modes to sweeten the pot and get people participating and progressing.

They’ve also updated the map, including options like showing group members, revamped the chat, and added new options. They’re also paying some attention to the new player experience, with streamlining the NPE and adding a new “fast pass” NPE with pre-loaded archetypes to get people who don’t really want to go through the full tutorial and just want to get into the action right away, a path to get there.

The build is live on TEST for player feedback and will be coming to the live server on November 8. If you test the update for four hours you’ll get rewarded with a new accessory midnight tankard belt. 

For full details on what’s coming in the update, check out the post on Crowfall.


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