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Crowfall's Thomas Blair on Vessels & the Art of Necromancy

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Nothing says "Tuesday" like a spirited discussion of necromancy, amiright? It seems that the Crowfall team agrees as today's latest developer blog post is centered on the subject. Penned by Thomas "Blixtev" Blair, the article centers on "Crows, vessels and...NECROMANCY", complete with the suggestion of spooky music and things bumping in the night.

Crows, or the player character, is an eternal champion "that has been reincarnated over a myriad of lifetimes". Crows, however, are incorporeal and need a body, or vessel, to occupy in order to be effective dealing with the world. 

But as with all things, there is inherent danger to being a Crow and from time to time, Crows are defeated and knocked unconscious. Wily Crows who travel in packs can wait for resurrection or they can literally run to a temple to grab body and goods. But be warned: Once unconscious, inventories become "vulnerable to looting".  Resurrection gets a player right back into battle and might save items in inventory, but the risk of being knocked unconscious by enemies remaining in the area is present. Reappearing at a temple causes item degradation but is a safer location.

As to the Vessel system, Blair writes:

As mentioned earlier, an avatar is the combination of the spirit Crow and a vessel. I also mentioned that vessels start out as items like any other item in the game. The most important aspect of this is that all items have a color representing their quality level. These range from Poor (grey) at the low end to Legendary (orange) quality at the high end. The quality of your vessel will affect a variety of aspects about your character.

The player must merge their spirit Crow with a vessel in order to play the avatar. Visiting a crypt with a new vessel will allow you to possess it, and give you access to the character creation screen where you can customize your vessel’s look and choose its Class. It will then transform from an inventory object to one of your avatars. Your previously-possessed vessels will be stored in the crypt, ready to be re-possessed when you want to change things up.

Want to know more about the art of the dead? Head to the Crowfall site.


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