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Crowfall's Release Is 'Very Close,' According To New Developer Interview

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In an interview with MassivelyOP, Crowfall's Creative Director J. Todd Coleman stated that the beta MMO is "very close" to launch this year, stating that the team has transitioned mostly from adding new things to the MMO to bug fixes and polish. 

In the interview, Massively's Sam Kash talked with Creative Director J. Todd Coleman, Design Director Thomas Blair and Principle Designer Rhea Shelley about the MMO, specifically the latest 6.400 update, also called "Transformation." In the course of the interview, Kash asked about whether or not the MMO was still on track to fully launch this year.

In response to the question, Coleman said that Crowfall's launch is "very close."

"Yes, we’re very close now. The team has (mostly) shifted from adding new things to the game to fixing bugs and achieving the level of polish that we need for launch. We have a few more things coming, but the game is nearing – well, I can’t say “completion” because it’s an MMO and these games are never done. The game is nearing the point where we will wipe the database for the final time and transition from “in development” to “live.”"

The team says that in the coming months, now that Transformation has been released, players can expect a few more notable features coming to Crowfall before the launch of trhe MMO, but over the course of the coming months the development team will "start to transition to post-launch features and content, while the live/operations/support teams focus on launch itself." Coleman also went on to say there are many things on a long list of ideas they want to add to the game, "more than enough to keep the universe feeling dynamic and alive."

Transformation brings with it balance changes, extends the progression system from 31 to 35, and adds the final chapter to the New Player Experience. Also added is the integration of Crowpedia in-game, giving players more resources at the tip of their fingers without having to open that second browser window. 

Be sure to check out the full interview over on Massively. 


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