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Crowfall's Latest Event Rewards Players For Collecting Skulls

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Crowfall is hosting an event that would tempt even the most ardent feudal Samurai. The game's Decap-A-Thon rewards you for separating other players from their head. 

From now until September 3rd, players can start hunting the heads of their fellow players all in the name of new bling. A new skull belt accessory is the end goal, giving players a +2% critical hit and healing chance. All players need to do is collect the head, bring it to a brazier for its sacrifice and rinse and repeat. Your faction will get a point for each head sacrificed this way, and the faction with the most heads will win. 

Just because you killed a player, though, doesn't automatically mean you've taken their head. You'll need to use a specific axe, a runestone spirit axe, and perform the Deathblow ability on your prey. Players who are too slow could find themselves leaving the battle emptyhanded, as your fallen foe can simply go Spirit Crow and take flight before you've had a chance to finish the deed.


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