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Crowfall's Decapathon Event Is Live

Let the bodies hit the floor

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A lot of heads will separated from their bodies in Crowfall’s Decapathon event going on now through January 5.

You’ll see guilds fighting on part of their god factions as they sacrifice skulls and earn glory. The winning will be rewarded with faction-specific Skull Belt Totem plus a special bonus stat. The event will end on Tuesday, January 5 at 10 PM CDT / Wednesday, January 6 at 5 AM CET.

Additional details on the skulls include:

  • Scorched SUNFIRE Skull - Earn the Sunfire Skull and gain a +2% Increase to Critical Hit Chance and a +2% Critical Healing Chance
  • Decayed EARTHVEIN Skull - Earn the Earthvein Skull to gain +5% Increase to your Mounted Movement Speed
  • Corrupted MOONSTONE Skull - Earn the Moonstone Skull to gain +3% Increase to your Bleed Damage

If you make to the Yuletyden Campaign leaderboard, you’ll be eligible to fight for the reward. You’ll have to kill an enemy or be killed by one. You can check out additional details on the event here.


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