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Crowfall's Composer Creates Music to Set a Mood for a Precise Moment in Time

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The latest Crowfall developer diary has been published, this time turning to the topic of sound and music. Associate Producer Max Lancaster speaks to the creation of music where Nelson Everhart is handed very precise clues to aid in the composition of the game's score for any given moment of time in the game...literally things like "Campaign World - Beachhead - Daytime - Summer". What he does with those clues is best heard, and there are nifty little snips of music embedded in the blog.

To showcase Nelson’s range, compare that to the track he made for adventuring inside a Campaign World at night in the winter. The creatures in Crowfall change into horrible monsters at night, corrupted by an evil force called The Hunger. In the winter, the Hunger is even more prevalent, and food and resources are scarce.

The guiding words for this track were “Bleak, hopeless, sparse… less is more.” Nelson went full-on ambient horror, and we loved it.

Check out the Crowfall blog to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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