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Crowfall's August Update Bringing Cross-Server Access to Dregs and Shadow Campaigns

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Gordon Walton, cofounder of Crowfall’s ArtCraft Entertainment, provided a community update recently where he shared details on what we can expect in this month’s update.

The next big update for Crowfall is due to drop later towards the end of this month. Gordon notes this update will bring cross-server access to both the Dregsa and Shadow campaigns. This means players will be able to participate in a much larger world across EU, Australia, US East, and US West zones. The intent here is to expose players to more PvP campaigns and sieges at any point in the day.

Gordon also noted performance for sieges have improved, and follows up that the team is continually looking to improving performance for sieges. Gordon also discusses what’s next. He notes the team’s design for Handshake Sieges received a bunch of community feedback. This includes elements like chat, zone maps, guild management tools, and more.

You can read the full community update here. We had the chance to review Crowfall when it released back in July. We appreciated the stylized design, but felt the combat was rough, crafting was convoluted, and a general lack of real endgame direction. You can read our review here.

The launch was marred by DDoS attacks, which Gordon addressed in a Founder’s Update. More recently, Crowfall received 3-faction battles called The Shadow. If you missed that update, you can catch up with our coverage here.


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