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Crowfall Will Go Offline and Head Back into Development, as the Team Rethinks the MMO

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 Crowfall will be taken offline this month and re-enter active development for a future relaunch. The team announced this move as they are “rethinking” what that relaunch will look like.

On November 22nd, at 11 AM CST, the game will go offline. According to the team, what comes back might look very different.

“We're going to use this time to map out the future of the game. We have yet to determine what that looks like, but we are investing in and rethinking every part of the game - from the core technology and tools to art, design, and gameplay. Nothing is off the table”

Those who made any purchases in the past 90 days will automatically receive refunds.

Until then, most customer support will be down, except for account recovery. Everyone with accounts in good standing will get a free upgrade to what the VIP benefits would be without the Crowns and rewards. This will remain until the servers close and allow you to try out mounts, building items, and even emotes.

The launch of Crowfall after a long process after the initial successful crowdfunding campaign, came back in July of 2021. While most MMO launches have their issues, Crowfall had a number of things that were not working, including server instability and a round of DDoS attacks. There were also questions about player numbers, which was relevant given the nature of the game as launched, with the PvP-focus. 

There were several months of course correction and attempts to address the issues. While things did eventually stabilize, there were even more changes on the horizon. Developer ArtCraft Entertainment was acquired last fall by Monumental after the team saw some layoffs following the post-launch period.

Crowfall then got some additional changes, including a lowered base price, and the adoption of a freemium general model. This was in addition to additional changes intended to support faster access to just PvP, smaller-scale battles and ways for those looking for people to play with could find them, regardless of time zone.

Read the full details of the pause and  what to expect between now and then, over at Crowfall.


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