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Crowfall Will Get a New Roadmap 'Soon', Details on Dynamic Campaigns Coming in 7.700 Released

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 There have been some recent updates following a period of mostly Silence from the Crowfall team. Executive Producer Gordon Walton updated last week with details on the work the team has been doing, including work on modified campaigns own rules, group loot settings, the shadow campaign changes, lots of bug fixes, and Studio growth.

Crowfall will be getting shorter and more intense Dregs Campaigns aimed at guilds. The new Dregs campaigns will add some variety and they will have more updates soon but their work is aimed at making each of the campaign's different and to have the rotations available. Shadow campaigns will run for 5-week durations between new versions of faction versus faction conflict.

Walton also promises a long-term roadmap is in the works as the studio grows and work continues. It might take a few weeks since they are still needing to finalize a lot of details and get approval from new owner Monumental.

A new update yesterday from Thomas Blixtev Blair, the lead  designer, gave more information on campaign changes coming in 7.700. One point he reiterates is that back to the Kickstarter campaign they promised that campaigns would always be different and Crowfall would be like an "MMO experimentation machine" and promise lots of variety. 

In the 7.700 Milestone will arrive campaign configuration knobs. What will they do? The number of possible changes to make each campaign different are in these new options. Some of the options they’ll have as settings to combine in some way for each campaign include: duration, character level max entry level, and even whether or not to compact resource gathering and crafting recipes to make them one step to compensate for shorter durations. Other possible limits are on guild size in the campaign (as some members would not be included). And yet another setting might be to make sure no one can brings items into the campaign and no one can bring any out with them when it’s done. Nothing getting out means that any special items created just for the instances won't get out into the greater system

Other options they're considering are changes to XP values, highest stronghold level, and more. 


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