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Crowfall Weekend TEST Focuses on Alliances

Be sure to report bugs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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 Crowfall is hosting another round of weekend testing this week, once again focusing on Alliances.

To make sure you’re appropriately prepared, the game will include free vendors. The focus this week will be for guilds to test Alliances. If you recall, Alliances were added in the most recent update along with mounts.

The goal is to test if Alliances are applied correctly and persist. Here are some items the team is looking for:

  • Alliance functionality (particularly zoning with Alliance groups) works properly
  • Make sure you’re friendly with members in your Alliance and hostiles should remain hostile
  • Check that you’re able to group and trade
  • Guards are reacting proper (hostile or friendly depending on the circumstance)

If you’re noticing bugs, be sure to report them to the team on the official bug forum.


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