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Crowfall Update 5.100 Brings New Systems, New Player World ‘God’s Reach’

Christopher Coke Posted:
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Crowfall continues on it’s path toward release and has given us a meaty status update on the state of development. We have brand new updates on version update 5.100 and a brand new world dedicated to teaching new players the ins-and-outs of the game.

The first big piece of news is the addition of God’s Reach, a new starter world targeted at new players. The development team realized that newcomers needed more time to get acclimated to the systems of the game and their role within it and the idea of God’s Reach was formed. From what we know now, it sounds like God’s Reach will introduce players to the different types of worlds they may encounter (remember, Crowfall is composed of multiple, unique worlds – there’s a lot of variety you might come across), help them settle on a class that meets their playstyle, and learn the different mechanics they’ll need to master to succeed at the game. God’s Reach will also act as a social hub for guild recruitment and making new friends.

In even bigger news, Update 5.100 looks to be expanding the world in a big way. Titled “Fortunes of War,” the update revolves around items and equipment and will center on two major features: the Embargo System and the Vault.

The Embargo System represents a major improvement to the game as it will allow players to take loot between game worlds and even trade with other players. Unlike many MMOs, you’re not limited to a server and can move freely wherever you wish. Since that includes higher-risk PVP worlds, that also means some restrictions will come into effect to prevent things from becoming unbalanced, though you can count on easier trade being a perk of being part of a winning guild.

To support this change, the Crowfall team has also simplified their account bank system into a single interface they call The Vault. The Vault isn’t tied to a single world and can even be accessed from the lobby. They’ve improved the usability and interface to make it more user friendly and to see restrictions on worlds through the Embargo System.

In what we can only see as a more controversial move, the game is also being updated to receive randomly generated magic loot. Though the team is very clear in their message that crafters will still make the best gear in the game, they hope this will provide an alternate progression path for players to gear up.

Finally, a brand new race/class combination has been added in the form of the Fae Knight. It’s an interesting combo to be sure, the lightweight and high mobility of the fae with the plate, sword, and board of the knight.  I can’t help but think C.S. Lewis’s Reepicheep would be proud.


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