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Crowfall Test Patch Adjusts Powers and Disciplines

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Crowfall test patch is here and brings further changes to powers and disciplines.

Powers changes impact duelists, rangers, in addition to non-stealth powers. For example, Impale for duelists now works correctly against the Tree of Life, Wards, and the Bane Tree. Ranger piercing arrows applies a bleed, while the multi-purpose shot third slot description sees and update.

Disciplines saw some changes as well including:

  • Confessor: Molten Maga Major Discipline: Spreading Flame Minor: Feel the Burn fire damage over time will now have the correct amount of damage when used with Spreading Flame.
  • Knight: Major Discipline sharpshooter: Noble Blood is now present in the ranged tray for Knights that take a discipline that grants the ranged tray.
  • Ranger: Forest Creature Major Discipline: Fortified Stake Minor Discipline: Slow Stake now has its movement speed reduction increased from 30% to 50% when used by someone with Fortified Stakes.

You can check out the full test patch notes here. Remember, if you come across bugs, report them here.


Poorna Shankar