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Crowfall Test Build Tweak Crafting and UI

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Recent patch notes for the beta build of Crowfall point to several changes and fixes for crafting and UI. If you’re currently checking out the game in its beta form, here’s what you’ll want to look out for during your time in-game.

The crafting additions add several recipes in addition to adding several new items. The list of additions include the following:

  • Advanced/Runic Bow,Book, Staff recipes now require 20 Ethereal Dust.
  • Advanced/Runic Shield recipes now require 10 Ethereal Dust.
  • Factory Necklaces now require Chaos Embers.
  • New Stonemasonry Recipe - Tumbling Grit used for Factory Jewelry recipes.
  • New Vendor Item - Bottled Steam used for all Factory recipes.
  • Wood plank recipe now requires 4 Sandpaper at the highest efficiency.

UI, meanwhile, receives more modest notes. The patch mainly addressed some issues with floating objects and blocked mouse clicks:

  • Fixed an issue where some objects were floating or rotating incorrectly
  • Mouse clicks are no longer blocked after the settings window is closed while a dropdown is expanded.

You can check out the full post here. And in case you missed it, Crowfall recently released their big Carnage update which brought the HungerDome into the game. The HungerDome battles last for 30 minutes in a last man standing format.

The HungerDome features 12 teams of five players each as they duke it out before the world destroys and all is lost. The HungerDome introduced matchmaking for formed teams in addition to more traditional PUGs.

The Carnage update also introduced several Quality of Life improvements to Crowfall, in addition to bringing a big pass on the strategy maps. You can learn about the Carnage update here.


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