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Crowfall Team Describes the Power of Visual Storytelling

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In a lengthy new blog on the Crowfall site, the team discusses how powerful the art of visual storytelling is to its game. Visual storytelling, in a sense, "brings worlds to life" with the goal to "visually give you a sense of a story without needing words or an explanation behind it". Each player can then take those visual cues and insert themselves into the history and lore of the game world to make it a more personal story and "give context to the greater narrative threads in the world".

ArtCraft has spent much of its time up to now working on the core gameplay elements, but has plans to provide more visual cues in the "living world that set the stage for players to create their own stories and build their legacies". 

As a team, we’ve always wanted to push the look and feel of the world much further to add more depth that gives rise to the fact that there are mysteries that lie waiting to be uncovered. Now that some of the essentials for procedurally generating a world are in place, it’s time to add more visual storytelling into the mix in order to create a more immersive world that will connect the player to the history of the Crowfall universe and the lore and allows for a richer fabric on which players can create the war stories of Crowfall.

Check out the full post on the Crowfall site.


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