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Crowfall Talks The Shadow Update, Addresses Conquest Scoring Issue In Dregs Campaign

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In an update on the Crowfall website, ArtCraft co-founder Gordon Walton addressed fans in the latest Founder's Update. This update itself focuses on the recently released 3-faction PvP mode, The Shadow, as well as controversy which sprang up as the last Dregs campaign came to a close.

In the update, Walton talks briefly about the recently released faction warfare mode, The Shadow, as well as talked up the improved performance in both the Shadow campaigns and the Dregs. 

Speaking of The Dregs, the first campaigns closed last week, but weren't without controversy. Specifically the controversy stems from how the campaigns were being scored and ArtCraft's reaction to concerns by the players. Walton addresses this in the statement, saying that the issue identified by players caused the company to hold off delivering Conquest rewards until after an initial review.

"The Crowfall service experienced some challenges, as our first Dregs campaigns came to a close last week. Players identified an issue in the Conquest scoring system late in the campaign and as a result, we chose to delay delivery of the Conquest segment of rewards to allow our team time to review the data. After an initial review, we announced a change to the scoring system to curtail further abuse as the campaign was ending. After further review of the data and related player feedback, we have decided to move forward and grant all the Conquest rewards as originally offered in the campaign, to all the winning guild leaders - to ensure no player guilds were denied rewards they earned during the campaign. The rewards will be distributed this week. As a rule, we prefer not to interrupt current campaigns in progress and to let the campaign play out, then focus on making rule or reward changes post campaign. However, if we feel there is something significantly negative impacting our players or threatening the security of the game or the game economy, our team will step in. This was one of those cases. Our apologies to the guilds and players involved for the delay in receiving your rewards and we appreciate your support in allowing us the time for review and analysis."

As such, Walton states that new minimum requirements are needed to qualify for Conquest rewards, with a minimum of 100 Conquest points. These can be earned through holding Strongholds in Crowfall

"Going forward we have adopted a new minimum requirement of 100 Conquest points to qualify for the Conquest rewards (these points are gained by holding Strongholds including: outposts, forts, keeps, and castles in-game). The reward criteria will be updated in the Dregs campaign now live to the correct levels.  The current Conquest reward in-game is a place-holder pending this update. We will also reduce our Shadow campaign rewards to about half the current level live in today’s launch of The Shadow 3-faction campaigns. This will happen by the end of this week. "

Crowfall is also running a recruit a friend campaign, called Crow Recruits. This will allow players to recruit a friend to play Crowfall for 10 days, and those who chose to buy will get a 25% discount in the Crowfall store. This could be a reaction to reports of a low population, something our reviewer experienced during his playthrough of Crowfall. The codes will last until September 12th.

You can check out the full update on the Crowfall website. 


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