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Crowfall Taking It 'Slow And Steady' Amid Low Player Count Concerns

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Crowfall launched officially earlier this week, and while the server instability and DDoS attacks seem to behind them, one issue that is cropping up in the community is that of player count. 

Having just released after a legnthy development period (and one of the few crowdfunded MMOs to actually see the light of day), Crowfall is still seemingly finding its footing. However, one issue seems to be a sticking point with players who are already worried about the long-term health of the Throne War PvP MMO: low player counts.

ArtCraft has not put out official data showing peak and concurrent player counts since Crowfall went live, a Reddit post is circulating showing concurrent player numbers in Crowfall during its launch. According to the post (which definitely take with a grain of salt), Crowfall peaked at around 3139 concurrent players during its launch. Citing the Malekai.org bot, this supposedly makes up less than 1% of the total registered userbase.

When asked about this on Twitter, the official Crowfall account didn't directly confirm the numbers, but it didn't out right deny it either. In a quote tweet, the official account stated that the team behind the MMO is taking things "slow and steady."

Via the official Twitter: "We're taking it slow and steady. Our eye is on quality of the experience we deliver as we drive growth. Thanks!"

While the official account didn't speak directly to the numbers, Crowfall's Creative Director J Todd Coleman did respond to the initial Tweet stating that this isn't entirely accurate.

"Not really," Coleman said in response. "[R]egistered emails can't play (we're not f2p). [P]eak concurrency is usually ~20% of active player base, which means >25% of our backers have already played during peak (more, if [you] include non-peak hours)."

We've reached out to our Crowfall representative for confirmation of the player numbers, as well as a statement regarding Tweet. We'll be sure to update this article with any information or statement, should the team choose to provide one.

Crowfall has been in development for years with many of the players who backed it having access to betas and other tests during that time. At least from my experience in-game it doesn't seem to be a low population - there have been people running all around the newer PvE areas as we all gear up to start the PvP portion of Crowfall. However, that might not be indicative of the whole story, and the official response choosing to not outright deny the claim while the creative director does on their personal account does muddle the picture a little bit.

Crowfall launched earlier this week and while initially things were stable, DDoS attacks mired the launch day, derailing the celebration with server issues. When we were finally able to hop in ourselves, we have enjoyed what we've played so far, though combat does feel a bit off. 


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