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Crowfall Takes a Look at Racial Passive Sets in February Q&A

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Crowfall devs ArtCraft Entertainment have posted a Q&A for February discussing racial passive sets and more.

It turns out that a lot of these racials are focused on crafting. We even got a quick look at the Half Elf racial passives in the video below. Some other information gleaned include in-combat/out-of-combat Hate lists:

  1. Whenever the player is on the Hate list of an NPC, the player is in combat.
  2. Whenever the player has actively hit another player in the last 10 seconds, both players are in combat.
  3. Whenever the player activates a power and doesn’t hit a target, they are placed in combat for the length of the animation plus a couple of seconds. 
  4. There are different regeneration rates for resources and health, both in and out of combat. 
  5. In order to go into stealth you must be out of combat and not under “damage over time” (DOT) effects.


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