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Crowfall Reveals Crow Appreciation Rewards for July

Plus June in case you missed it

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Crowfall team have shared the Crow Appreciation Rewards for July. Here’s what’s in store.

First, a quick reminder on how these rewards work. If you become a backer before the 24th of each month, you’ll be eligible to receive all the rewards for that month, plus any future monthly rewards. When the game launches, you’ll receive these rewards added as an entitlement to your account.

June sees the Gaea’s Tree of Lilfe and Sigil. This provides a bonus to Harvesting Efficiency of 5%. July will see the Obsidian Dragon Statue and Totem. If you equip this totem to your belt, you’ll receive a +2% damage bonus. Additionally, you’ll receive the Silver Warden Statute as a reward.

Naturally, there are Terms and Conditions for these rewards. Notably , these rewards can be traded after launch. You’ll be able to trade them once you have received them in your inventory, and you can do so using the in-game trading interface with other players.

Take a look at all the rewards so far, going back to February of this year, plus read the FAQ on the rewards system here.


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