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Crowfall Responds to the Community, Siege Gameplay, Tactics and More on the Way

Chatting With the CAWmmunity

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a response to a twitter follower, Crowfall developer ArtCraft wants to reassure players that they are planning to deliver some substantial content, with many features still to come. They state they are working hard on their next update, which plans to release sometime next week.

According to the team at ArtCraft, the game still has a lot left in the tank, and they plan to update the game with competitive tactics, a better strategy game, balance updates and Siege gameplay, among other things, not mentioned in the tweet:

Despite the criticism thrown at them, ArtCraft and Crowfall has come a long way, and the team isn’t backing down from addressing the perception of the game in its current state.

Love it or hate it, you do have to hand it to ArtCraft for sticking with the game, and releasing plenty of updates over the past few years, securing funding while working to shape the game along with their players is certainly an achievement they should be proud of. Have you been playing Crowfall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 


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