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Crowfall Receives Convergence Update for Passive Skills

Plus The Castle

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Convergence update for Crowfall is now live bringing a transition of sorts for the passive skills system into…convergence.

This is basically a new system at its core which sees enhanced customization for characters. As the team puts it, this is meant to provide better engagement and advancement to active talents and attributes. As Creative Director J. Todd Coleman succinctly put it,

“Crowfall has always been a game about player autonomy. Players drive the economy. Players define the political landscape. The fate of this open-world universe rests solely in the hands of our players. Our goal, as designers, is to get people into the action. We want to remove the timegates so common to traditional MMOs -- whether those gates require a ‘grind’, or simply the passage of time.”

This update also brings in the castle siege objective which is meant to act as a centerpiece of sorts in your campaigns. Judging by the screenshots, it certainly appears that way. You can check out the full notes and images of the castle here.


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