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Crowfall Q&A Touches on Update 6.3, New Patch Notes Out

Also touched on Domains

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent Crowfall Q&A live stream touched on update 6.3 and more, while new patch notes released.

The stream (embedded below) included creative director, J. Todd Coleman, and Design Director, Thomas Blair. They discussed an update on the new specialization system, in addition to the upcoming Domains. If you’re unfamiliar with Domains, they’re basically a new character customization feature, the goal of which is to introduce more customization through choices.

Elsewhere, updated patch notes were released which saw Disciplines get tweaked:

  • Master of Swords: Critical Hack now correctly plays sound effects when it hits an enemy.
  • Master of Swords: Critical Hack combo follow up attack now has the correct description.
  • Force Mage: Reactive Barrier description has been updated to reflect the Support Power given.
  • Nightstalker: Feeding Frenzy buff tooltip has been updated to state the correct buff amounts.
  • Thornshield description updated to remove an erroneous word.


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