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Crowfall Q&A Tomorrow December 1st at 11AM CT for the 'Crowfall Curious'

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The latest tweet by the official Crowfall twitter account wants players and potential players to tune in to the latest Q&A stream, which will start December 1st at 11AM. Topics for discussion will include what’s coming up in the next patch, as well as divulging some details on what the developers are working on, and of course, they’ll provide some answers to player questions too.

While being ‘Crowfall Curious’ sounds far more intimate than I’d like to admit, it is unlikely that anything untoward will be covered during the stream, as unless information on Crowfall’s updates and answering player questions is seductive to you.

Recently Crowfall released their “Revival” update, as they continue to push the envelope in development and bring the players along for the ride. If you’d like to know what you’re getting yourself into with tomorrow’s Q&A, how about you check out the last stream of a similar nature?


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