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Crowfall Q&A Scheduled for Tomorrow

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Crowfall team is set to host a new live stream tomorrow, January 5, where they’ll discuss what’s next for the game.

You’ll be able to watch the lives stream at 11a CT on the official Crowfall Twitch page. This live stream will also include a Q&A as noted by the forum post,

“Have questions you want answered? Post your questions here, as a reply and please put the word <QUESTION> at the beginning for easy curation. We will try to get through as many of your questions as possible during the Q&A. Remember, questions should be directly related to Crowfall updates and gameplay.”

The questions have already started on the forums as they touch on a dedicated roadmap. Another question requests diversity on Wealth Cards including gold, tradeskills, and more. Still another question directly touches on the relatively low dedicated player base and asks what the team plans to do to improve this,

“With all of that in mind, do you think you can improve the game to the point where this negative reputation is redeemed and the game manages to sustain a healthy population? What are the steps you intend to take in order to achieve that? “

If you have questions, be sure to head over to the forum thread linked above and post your question there.


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