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Crowfall Patch for Alpha Build 5.125 Light on Fixes

Beta launch August 11

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest alpha patch for Crowfall build 5.125 ‘The Calling’ provides a few minor fixes ahead of its August 11 beta launch.

The fixes and tweaks touch on Eternal Kingdom, UI, and some more generic fixes. For example, for Eternal Kingdom, you won’t import complete parcels into World Banks anymore. A brace of UI fixes include,

  • Parcel inventory tooltips will now show the number of buildings attached to the parcel.
  • Added missing Russian translations.

All of this is ahead of the beta launch on August 11 (tomorrow). Creative Director J. Todd Coleman shared the following thoughts on what going to beta means for him and the team,

“We’re excited to share this announcement with our community. Crowfall is a game with a unique and bold vision— standing in direct opposition to the trend of theme-park games that have become ubiquitous in an industry desperate for innovation. It's a living simulation of a fantasy world, where players take the roles of king and queens, assassins and merchants, conquerors and artisans. Beta is a huge milestone on our path to seeing this vision finally realized.”


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