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Crowfall Outlines The Awakening Update 5.115

Introducing more campaigns today

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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The Crowfall team has provided an update on The Awakening, with alpha testing underway.

Alpha testing actually started at the end of May, however, there are still things which must be tested like city building and guild vs guild. The team stresses that one of the biggest differentiators between Crowfall and other games is player agency. To that end, they want to focus on the following items:

  • Bug fixing and polish,
  • Client optimization,
  • New player experience,
  • Game Balance (of both the strategy game, and the player journey)

This is where The Awakening comes in, with the player effectively resurrected as a “Crow.” As it stands, the game has several systems in place like character advancement, harvesting, crafting, experimentation, talent trees, attributes, passive training, sacrifice, caravans, city building, divine favor, and more.

To that end, The Awakening is set to introduce several enhancements, such as guild vs guild, city building, and divine favor. The team wants to bring these into the play test server with the goal of running longer and longer tests.

A seven day Dregs campaign is set to begin today. You should expect issues, given that this is a test server. You can check out the full update here.


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