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Crowfall New Dregs Campaign Begins, Kicking off Shorter New Options

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Following up on information about new style Dregs campaigns last month, Crowfall has begun the first of the new Dregs experience with a no import/no export campaign. Subsequent campaigns won't be accelerated, but will be shorter.

This shift into shorter, smaller Dregs campaigns with a number of rules options post acquisition are part of a transition that has been going on for the game, and now players get a taste of this campaign style. The no import/ no export  campaign means that players won’t be able to bring in items or leave with items. The campaign will last for 2 weeks and there will be double XP from NPC kills, and 4x XP in Hotzones.

The Crowfall team also clarified some of the rules here, and while you can't export anything from the campaign, there will be rewards for getting the most Conquest Points, in addition to Divine Favor in Glory, Wealth, and Power. 

You'll still be able to engage in harvesting and crafting, but both will be on what the team is calling "lite-mode".  Because of the simple rules and no ability to take or leave with anything, both crafting and harvesting have been extremely simplified. Harvesting progression will  only have one discipline, designed for rapid advancement. Players will be able to craft their own tools as well as upgrade the harvesting discipline. 

When it comes to crafting, all recipes, which will be openly available, will have one step, and there will be no experimentation. There will still be differences in resource quality, so you still have the ability to craft slightly better items. You’ll still have to use an appropriate crafting station for the item you are crafting, but everything has basically been blended and oversimplified. Characters level 30+ are able to buy vessels from vendors.

When it comes to sieges, there are only Forts and Hotzones. There are no keeps in this campaign. If you capture a fort there will be a crafting vendor there and if you upgrade a fort, you'll get vessel vendors.

You can read the full rules for this campaign over at Crowfall, along with a FAQ based on community feedback.


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