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Crowfall MMO Bought By Independent Game Studio Monumental, ArtCraft No Longer Involved In Development Or Operation Of MMO

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Crowfall, the PvP Throne War MMO released earlier this year by ArtCraft Entertainment, has been purchased by Austin-based game studio, Monumental. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

In a press release sent late Friday evening, it was announced that Crowfall would be transitioning operations to Monumental, effective immediately. However, the studio promises that there will be no interruption of services.

While the press releases states that the Crowfall MMO was purchased from ArtCraft, it's unclear by the wording of the release whether or not ArtCraft itself was acquired by the studio. We reached out to our PR contact clarified that just the Crowfall IP was purchased by Monumental. [Update 4:49pm PT 12/17/2021]: In an update from our PR contact, Monumental has acquired both the Crowfall MMO IP as well as the entire Crowfall development team from ArtCraft. ArtCraft themselves is working on a new, unannounced project and will no longer be involed in development and operation moving forward.

Original story continues:

However, it does look like the two teams will be working on Crowfall moving forward, with Monumental CEO Monty Kerr stating that they are excited to "fully realize Crowfall's lofty ambitionsas a "combined team."

"As an early backer and avid player through its development, I could not be more pleased to welcome Crowfall to the Monumental family. Gordon brings an extraordinary team of talented and creative developers, as well as decades of experience building and operating MMOs. As a combined team, we are well positioned to fully realize Crowfall’s lofty ambitions.”

Gordon Walton, the President of ArtCraft states via the release that he and the team are excited for this opportunity, praising Monumental for seeing Crowfall as more than  just a "unique and compelling game."

"Our team is excited to join Monumental as they share our passion for Crowfall and commitment to its future. Monumental sees this as more than a unique and compelling game; it’s an online platform designed around player interaction and a perfect platform for experimentation. Monumental is committing the resources to help Crowfall reach its full potential. I'm personally and professionally excited to be joining the Monumental team as part of this transition.”

Crowfall released earlier this year in July after years of development and crowdfunding, though the MMO has seemingly struggled to gain much traction since its release. In the months after launch, Crowfall has gone freemium, slashing the price down to $14.99, while also featuring a new fast pass to allow players who just want to jump into PvP to do so, skipping much of the PvE at the outset of the MMO.

Our reviewer at the time did enjoy the stylized design of the MMO, as well as the multitude of races to choose from, though felt that the combat - a core feature of any PvP title - was too rough around the edges. You can check out our full review here.


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