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Crowfall Lowers Base Game Price As Well As Details VIP Membership Service Ahead Of July Launch

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Crowfall is coming in July, and ArtCraft Entertainment announced today their monetization prices ahead of the launch, with special mention of the VIP package as well as base game price.

The big news is that those looking to jump into Crowfall will be able to get started at a lower price, as the base game is now being sold for $39.99 versus the $49.99 it has been. In addition to this price change, the team is detailing its VIP membership, which was first revealed to be in place during Crowfall's Kickstarter.

Via a press release, the team at ArtCraft is calling the VIP package "innovative," stating that the goal is to offer "uniquely valuable" benefits to those subscribers.

"“Our VIP membership offers uniquely valuable convenience benefits to players interested in joining this dynamic and diverse universe of Dying Worlds. VIP offers players choices in how to optimize their experience, in a way that suits their playstyle, every time they login and play,” said Creative Director, J. Todd Coleman said via the press release.

VIP members will see serives that offer greater convienience, such as increased item storage and personal vault space, as well as the unique ability to freely respect character talents and traits when they want. This can be huge, especially in a game that has such a diversity of character specs, being able to change when you want to something better suited for the situation can be a huge benefit.

"The service also offers increased item storage in the player vs. player Campaign worlds and the player’s personal vault. VIP members gain a 100% increase, or double, the available Campaign bank space, a high-value benefit specifically in Campaign siege battles where players must restock valuable items and collect resources to support war efforts in long-term combat. Another highly valued benefit is the option for extended access to personal player worlds known as Eternal Kingdoms. Players use their Kingdoms to host private battles, as a gathering spot for guilds and as in-game markets. The service also incorporates several convenience options that enhance the gameplay experience along with other quality-of-life benefits."

The pricing of the VIP membership can range from a single month plan to 12-month plans, with cost savings included if you buy in bulk, as with most MMO subscription models. Also as with many other MMOs on the market, the Crowfall VIP will offer subscribers a small token of in-game currency as well. 

You can check out Crowfall's VIP benefits more in full on the official website. If you're itching to get into the beta currently ongoing in Crowfall, we've still got some beta codes as of this writing to give out!


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