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Crowfall Looks At Racial Disciplines

New passives

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Crowfall has outlined racial disciplines in its latest post.

It looks like during development for War of the Gods for update 5.110, the team took another look at the passives for each race to bring some sort of balance but still make that race feel unique.

As a result, Half-Giant discipline, for example, has now received far more passives. These passives are set to be available to you in the spell book. For example, Half-Giant now includes brawny, gigantism, maken me mad, sticks and stones, blood of the giant, backhand, and dodge roll.

The team also provided us a sneak peak of Fae, Guinecean, and Minotaur. Fae is set to receive born under the knife, double jump, glide, improbable antidote, toxic tolerance, faerie fire, and doge. Guinecean receives saltpeter rounds, caravan master, double jump, epicurean, superior weapons, and leap roll. Finally, Minotaur receives gigantism, thick skin, unbreakable, waste not want not, bloodthirst, bull rush, and dive roll.

Check out the full list here.


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