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Crowfall Live Patch Tweaks Powers, On Track to Invite 12.2 Group Soon

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new live patch for Crowfall has hit the servers and brings a few tweaks to powers. Additionally, the team has confirmed 12.2 invites will be going out soon.

The patch itself will include a few performance improvements specifically to server performance. Powers are getting adjusted slightly. For example, the Confessor sees an fix for an issue which prevented the Long Power Cooldown stat from effecting certain abilities. Additionally, the Champion’s Rage cost for Insanity was reduced.

The team also shared an update on Twitter regarding 12.2 invites. The team was replying to a now-deleted Tweet, but stated that invites were slow due to the winter storm in Austin last week,

“It is coming soon, we had an unexpected snow/ice storm in Austin this week which cost us some time, but we are on track to invite the 12.2 group very soon. I am hopeful, early next week. Thanks for your support!”


Poorna Shankar