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Crowfall Launches 3-Faction Battles Today Called The Shadow

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Crowfall has started its post-launch push with their first content drop since the PVP MMO hit PCs fully last month. Called "The Shadow," this 3-faction PvP mode is geared to getting players into the main draw of Crowfall - PvP - without the need of a guild to get them there.

Crowfall's The Shadow campaign brings what the team at ArtCraft are calling a "fast-paced, and incredibly competitive 3-faction campaign [war]" but the kicker is the new mode removes the need of being a part of a Guild in Crowfall. This in turn allows players to jump in once they are able without the need of coordinating with a larger playerbase just to ensure everyone is in the right campaign. 

"The Shadow is one of the most exciting features in Crowfall because it empowers those players who are not in a guild to drive the moment-to-moment action of the fight based on their choices," J. Todd Coleman says via the release on the Crowfall website. "They set their own path and choose their own strategy without the complexity or demands of a guild. For that reason, battles in The Shadow feel more exciting at an individual player level. You are living out your story and the outcome is squarely on your  shoulders - your actions can change the tide of battle at any second, and it does!"

As such, The Shadow itself brings an expanded map and larger zone limits for battles to take place. Additionally, as the patch notes today detail, a few of the classes have seen some tweaks to "stregnthen" these sub-classes. Further new NPCs and fixes have been deployed to improve polish, and more. 

You can check out the full update notes here. Recently Crowfall has had players concerned due to the population issues that are seemingly plaguing the MMO, something our reviewer Matt Keith found to be impacting the experience towards the late game PvP push. 


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