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Crowfall Introduces a New Character Specialization System Update - THE REVIVAL

Don't Call it a Comeback - It's The Revival

Steven Weber Posted:
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ArtCraft has announced the latest update to Crowfall, which will expand the options players have to create unique character builds substantially. The team projects that giving players the freedom for diverse character builds will fundamentally change the game – for the better.

Player options, and character diversity is key in Crowfall, as in this update The Revival will introduce domains that offer players up to 15 different groups of pre-made disciplines, where the players choice will uniquely differentiate them from other players. According to the team at ArtCraft:

“Ultimately, the addition of Domains offers deeper specialization by virtue of how the disciplines you gain in a Domain combine with your other powers and your promotion class.”

Additionally, J. Todd Coleman, the creative director went on to say:

“This update is a tribute to our players as it was their feedback that led us to innovate on the system. The system empowers players to be the architect of their Crow’s unique build - the power is in the player’s hands, it is only limited by our player’s imaginations,”

The Revival will also have new campaign rewards, and optimization updates, and is available now. Crowfall has been testing quite a bit over the past several months, and those interested in checking out the game will not want to miss their latest live stream.


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