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Crowfall Has Predictable Launch Day Issues, Suffers DDoS Attacks On Servers

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Crowfall launched yesterday, and while the MMO seemed mostly stable early on, as the floodgates opened more and more the predictable launch day issues started to trickle in for the Kickstarted MMO. Additionally it seems that some of the issues could be related to what Crowfall's Creative Director reported as DDoS attacks hitting the servers during the day.

It's no secret MMO launch days oftentimes don't go off without some sort of issue. It wouldn't be an MMO launch without one seemingly. While early on in the day the servers for Crowfall seemed mostly stable for players, issues started to abound causing many to be unable to log into the client or connect to any of the disparate game worlds.

While the official Crowfall Twitter account didn't communicate the issues directly, save for a few retweets, the MMO's Creative Director Todd Coleman kept players in the loop in a series of Tweets throughout the day. Additionally, the community team took to the forums to update players when they could, assuring them that the team at ArtCraft Entertainment was looking into the issues causing the disruptions. 

When players asked why there wasn't a whole lot being communicated, Coleman responded, simply stating that they are working on the issue and there was "nothing firm to update yet." However, as the day went on, Coleman would update players on the server status, stating that the team hoped they could "isolate the issue and resolve it" after what he called a "good 7-hour+ run" in the morning.

The servers themselves seemingly were "back," though Coleman did stress that there was "heavy load" and that Crowfall was seeing a "barrage of DDoS attacks" hit the servers. 

For our part, I was unable to actually get into a game server yesterday, despite trying all day. We're starting our full review of Crowfall once the server issues have been ironed out, but in case you're wondering what our reviewer Matt thinks based on his time in the beta, check out our full impressions here. Most MMOs nowadays have issues, and it's not made easier with DDoS complicating the matter. Hopefully the team can get the servers ironed out quickly.


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