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Crowfall Going Into Beta August 11

Be on the lookout for an invite

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Crowfall is officially opening its beta starting on August 11 with invites to be sent out shortly.

Creative Director, J. Todd Coleman, shared the news in the accompanying press release, stating,

"We’re excited to share this announcement with our community. Crowfall is a game with a unique and bold vision— standing in direct opposition to the trend of theme-park games that have become ubiquitous in an industry desperate for innovation. It's a living simulation of a fantasy world, where players take the roles of king and queens, assassins and merchants, conquerors and artisans. Beta is a huge milestone on our path to seeing this vision finally realized.”

The game received update 5.125 this week, called the Calling. This update brought some additional layers to the Guild vs Guild content, plus improvements to performance, in addition to new activities such as castle building, merchant caravans, city sieging and divine sacrifice to earn the favor of the gods.

The new player experience was also extended. Finally, the update brought the launch of the first cross-continent campaign server, allowing players in North America and Europe to play together to form strong alliances and bitter rivalries as they vie for domination.


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