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Crowfall Goes Back to Basics and Looks at Classes

Fighter, Mages, and Rogues

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Crowfall went back to basics recently as it looked at classes.

The classes in Crowfall have their roots in classic tabletop RPGs, and have been given backstories by the team to flesh them out further. For example, fighter classes include the Champion, Knight, Myrmidon, and Templar. As part of the Champion’s backstory, the team fleshed out the lore and provided some additional information,

“Mercenaries, protectors, conquerors, and warlords – the title of Champion is given only to warriors who, both literally and figuratively, rise above the rest and to become the best of their kind. Hailing from a variety of cultures and professions, all great Champions share one common trait: they shine in their ability to face others in one-on-one combat and emerge victorious.”

Mage classes include the Confessor, Cleric, Druid, and Frostweaver. The Rogue classes include the Assassin, Duelist, and Ranger. The team also hosted a live stream earlier today looking at the Harvesting and Crafting systems in the game. If you missed it, you can catch that stream here.

Meanwhile, on May 20 (tomorrow) at 10a ET, the team will look at race and class combinations. This is scheduled to be a three hour stream discussing tank class variation, but the team welcomes any questions regarding other classes as well. You can catch that stream on the official Twitch channel.


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