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Crowfall Extends Playtest Period for Non-Backers

30 days

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Crowfall’s playtest period for any beta non-backers has been extended after feedback from the community.

Non-backers in this case means any players who have registered, but have not purchased a Backer pack. If you’re such a player, well, good news. You can now play for 30-days from the date you received your beta invite.

The Crowfall team cites additional feedback gathering as the reason for this update. They also touch on Backers and future playtests,

“Additionally, Beta groups will be invited back during later testing phases as we continue to iterate the game. Backers  (a Backer is someone who has purchased a Pack from the Store and can play all phases of Beta and the game forever): Backers continue to have unlimited access to play Crowfall through all phases of Beta and the Launch of the game. “

Do note, however, that there isn’t a schedule at the moment for when these registered players will be invited back for a playtest. Keep an eye out on your inboxes because when invites do go out, they’ll be mailed first.


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