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Crowfall Extends Buddy Codes Beta Time

45 days, or February 14

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Crowfall has announced that beta access time has been extended for buddy codes.

The change comes about after the team received feedback that a wipe in servers ahead of the 6.400 update would potentially shortchange some folks. The community thought an extension of beta buddy codes would be a solution, and the team agrees.

Buddy codes are now active for 45 days from when they are activated. If you received a code but activated it in December, your time has been extended through February 14. If you’re unsure how to activate your buddy code, follow these steps:

  • Login to your Account Profile at Crowfall.com
  • In the options section, on the left-side of your profile, check out the Codes Section
  • There you will find 5 Beta Codes to share, offering your friends 45-days of Beta access
  • The Beta Buddy Codes can be redeemed by friends when registering a new account
  • Codes can be entered into the Code entry user-interface in the registration flow


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