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Crowfall Enters Beta Status - Beta Invites Going Out Today

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Steven Weber Posted:
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ArtCraft Entertainment has announced that Crowfall has now entered beta. Invites are going out in waves to beta applicants, while backers of Crowfall have immediate access.

Crowfall has come a long way since it’s successful Kickstarter funded way back in March of 2015. Since then ArtCraft has been hard at work getting the game through its alpha to the state it now welcomes its testers in. Creative director J. Todd Coleman spoke about how far the project has come:

“At the beginning of this project, we set out to make something really different, virtual worlds have grown stale. They call them ‘theme park’ worlds for that reason; they are specifically designed to be unaffected by the decisions and actions of the players. We intend to change that, to offer a world where the players control the fate of this world. Beta is a critical step in our path to seeing that vision realized.”

The first set of beta testers will be invited today, though if you backed Crowfall previously, or intend to back Crowfall now, you can get immediate and permanent beta access going forward. Some of Crowfalls crowning features are:

  • Claiming territory
  • Conquering land
  • Forming deep political and social relationships
  • A variety of worlds (and Campaigns) with unique geographic rulesets

ArtCraft has released a patch yesterday, prior to the invites going out today. The patch brings in a tremendous amount of improvements to the game. You can check out everything in patch 5.125 on the official forums.


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