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Crowfall Dregs Amaranth Campaign Test Underway

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Dregs Amaranth Campaign test is underway in Crowfall. You still have a few days to hop in and check it out.

The test is scheduled to end at March 11 at 11p CST. Some additional information was provided regarding imports, exports, and win conditions which include 50 embargo imports, and 50 embargo exports.

Win Conditions revolve around conquest points. The guild which earns the most conquest points by the conclusion of the test will be crowned winner. Furthermore, any additional rewards will be doled out to the top guilds, including their members, for grabbing the highest scores in several categories. These categories include Glory, Wealth, and Power. One final note, you must be level 25 or higher to enter the campaign.

Additionally, there was a recent Q&A where co-Founder and Creative Director, J. Todd Coleman, Design Director, Thomas Blair and Principal Designer, Rhea Shelley provided an update on what’s next for the game, in addition to looking at the roadmap.


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