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Crowfall Devs Reveal the 'Hideous Urgu', the Piglike Enemies Players Will Battle

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In Crowfall, players will face off against many types of monsters and creatures that inhabit the Dying Worlds, one of which is profiled on the game's official site today. The "hideous Urgu" are a race of pig-men that are sentient and can offer up STYlish defenses with HAM-fisted attacks that can bludgeon their attackers. Ever SAU-SAGE a thing? Well, now you have!

From the lore piece that reveals the Urgu's origin:

31 At the Virgin’s feet, the mortals amassed the finest offerings gathered from the land upon which they labored. 32 Among these offerings of fruit and produce and grain there were offerings of flesh from the animals that also shared these lands.

33 Upon seeing this, Cybele’s rage was great. 34 “I have given you everything you needed!” she cried. 35“Every seed and fruit and leaf to keep you nourished and content, 36 yet you were not content and valued your lives above the lives of other creatures!”

37 In her hands, she took up the farmers and she took up the pigs from their field. 38 Into one body she combined them, thus stripping the mortals of their culture and their intelligence. 39 “So shall you be that which you devoured.”

We rather doubt snacking on their carcasses is a good idea though...

Read the full post on the Crowfall site.


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